Rules - Gift Certificate

  1. La Maison du Savon de Marseille Gift Certificates are valid for 3 months
  2. Payment of the cost of the Gift Certificate can be made by cash to the courier if ordered online and by cash or card if purchased in the physical store.
  3. The Gift Certificate is accepted for payment upon purchase of the goods for an amount equivalent to the amount in lei indicated on the certificate and is made in the physical store at Calea Iesilor 8, Zity Mall, et.1.
  4. When purchasing the Gift Certificate, the customer's discount card is not applicable.
  5. If the value of the goods exceeds the nominal value of the certificate, it is possible to pay the difference in cash or card at the physical store.If the value of the goods is less than the nominal value of the certificate, the remaining difference is not returned.
  6. When more than one Gift Certificate is presented, their value is added together
  7. After the payment of the goods with this certificate, it is stored at the seller's, as proof of payment, with the tax receipt attached.
  8. If the certificate is used by another person or is lost, La Maison Du Savon de Marseille is not liable.