Who are we?

Natural products "Made in Provence"

La Maison du Savon de Marseille, a soap factory in Marseille, composes and produces a range of Marseille soaps and scented soaps, of which it is the French market leader with over 250 models of scented soaps from the city of Grasse.

Authenticity has been the key word in soap making since its creation.

In June 2009, development focused exclusively on the Provencal markets. The first shop appeared in 2007 in Cap d'Agde. Since then, a real network has been built up in the form of partnerships, which are constantly evolving. Many stores appear throughout France and abroad, with the particularity that each has territorial exclusivity. The brand currently has 40 stores in France and more than 200 outlets in France, Europe, South Africa and Asia, and now also in the Republic of Moldova.

Discover where our natural soaps and cosmetics are made.

Maison du Savon de Marseille guarantees you traditional French production.

- Lavender: Made in Sault

- Liquid and household soaps: Made in Peyruis

- Cosmetics and shower gels: Made in Valensole

- Soaps scented with argan oil: Manosque manufacture

- Textiles: Manufacture in Bastidonne

- Marseille cubes and slices: Made in Marseille

- Soaps with Shea butter and milk Măgărită: Manosque manufacture

- Perfumes and scents: Manufactured in Grasse